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Safe railways require reliable designs and cooperation. The ThyssenKrupp GfT Gleistechnik company is your competent partner, from planning through production to completion on time.

The focus is on classic railway superstructure material, with rails, sleepers, points and fastening materials for all types of railway superstructures – be they new or used. Added to this, we have rolling stock, coach equipment and a comprehensive service.

This means that we are at your disposal as early as project and budget planning and, together with you, develop the most economical solution. In the case of ongoing projects, you benefit from regular tests to ensure the reliability of your system on a sustained basis. We reprofile rails that are “out of shape” with an ultra-modern milling train – during ongoing operation and, thus, particularly quickly. After removal of systems, we overhaul your used rails on request and convert them into reconditioned raw materials for future projects.


 Railsflat bottom rails, grooved rails, crane rails, light rails, conductor rails, special rail sections, constructional sections
 Track Work & Serviceturnouts in standard gauge and narrow gauge, turnout accessories, turnout spares, turnout spares, turnout systems incl. signals, locking devices and drive units, track work, industrial track work, track work service
 Sleeperssteel Sleeper, Y-Steel Sleeper, concrete sleeper, wooden sleeper, turnout sleeper, crane track sleeper, wooden bridge sleeper, steel bridge sleeper
 Fasteningribbed base plates, sole plates, flat steel plates, fish plate fastening, insulating fish plates, bolts for rail fastening, clamping plates, spring washers, elastic fastening system, clips, crane rail fastening
 Special Applications crane track material, Solid Slab Track NBU and NFF, vibration-damping rail bedding, Krupp ECF, track design at stations and in tunnels, Plastic cable ducts DRAE-KA/AU-KA, Noise reduction system
 Sales & Service used material, technical consultation, planning and projecting of track work, Material processing (curving, sawing, welding of rails), storage, logistic, repair and maintenance, reprofiling of rails by rail milling train automatic crane track surveying