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Making the all-important track better.
Fastening systems.

Track fasteners vary every bit as much as the requirements placed on the rail system. Examples of some products that impress our customers:

The MX rail-fastening system is used wherever particularly heavy loads are transported at relatively low speeds. The horizontal forces are absorbed very effectively, preventing voltage peaks and reducing the noise of the train on the tracks.

ECF fasteners are used with great success on slab track systems. The horizontal forces are trapped at the same time by using wedge clamps and eccentric sleeves. The system permits height adjustability of 30 mm during operation, saving you time and money.

Tension clamp Skl 1 and Skl 14 set the highest standards for securing tracks to concrete sleepers. It satisfies all the criteria specified by Deutsche Bahn and guarantees springactuated bracing with lasting elasticity.