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Vertrieb & Service

Your ticket to increased cost-efficiency.
Services throughout your project.

When it comes to laying railway tracks, everything has to run smoothly in the project right from the word go. For this reason, we offer a wide range of services which ensure the high availability of your system. Your ticket to increased cost-efficiency.

Therefore, we are happy to be on hand from the early stages with project and budget planning, developing the most cost-efficient solution with you. When projects are up and running, you will have the benefit of regular checks to ensure the reliability of your system. This includes commissioning at the start, the operational check some 6 weeks after installation and a regular maintenance service.

We can re-profile "deformed" rails using a particularly efficient, state-of-the-art rail-milling train, which does not require dismantling the track. When infrastructure is removed, we can rework your old rails and make them as good as new for future projects.