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Research & Development keeps us out in front.
Special systems.

Track construction is constantly being updated, as evidenced by activities in our R&D Department. Here are just a few examples:

We have developed a steel-beam bridge sleeper (SBS) for use on bridges, offering a much longer service life and lower maintenance costs than wooden sleepers. The crane rail beam is a special foundation for supporting particularly heavy loads. It enables components to be lifted repeatedly and be cast underneath with liquid concrete. It is a quick and cost-efficient way of levelling out areas of subsidence with depths of up to 30 cm.

Using elastomers, we have developed rail bearings which are leading-edge in terms of vibration damping and which extend the service lives of our products considerably: the whisper Rail, the DELTA-Lager or the Railflex and EASYLast systems, to name but a few examples.

We can supply wheel sets, wheels and complete bogies to suit your specific needs in the area of rolling materials. Whether it be DRAE-KA for ground-level installation or the elevated AU-KA system for slopes, our plastic cable-duct systems are easy to install, permitting the cables to be laid afterwards without any trouble, and are completely recyclable.