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Crane track system

We also consistently pursue our mission as a system provider in the sector of crane tracks – we offer not only all kinds of crane rails, in Germany or abroad, or our own fasteners, but also the alternatives: we advise on and supply the complete range of track materials that allows you to use our entire experience to your advantage:

  • Rails (crane rails, special sections, flat-bottom rails, etc.)
  • Fasteners (e.g. MX, MX weldable, etc.)
  • Elastic pads
  • Suitable steel supports – ready with all holes and, if necessary, threaded holes for adjusting screws
  • Anchoring material and screws
  • Grout on cement and epoxy basis
  • Crane track stops, bumpers, etc.
  • Crane track measurement with our automated crane track measuring system RailControl
  • Crane track statics