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Rational installation with a high compound effect.
The slab track “System NBU”.

The slab track in various versions has developed into a real alternative to the ballast superstructure for high-speed lines.

The slab track “System NBU” is a sleeperless and thus monolithic type of design with individual support points on a concrete load-bearing course. The Naumburger Bauunion (NBU) company in the Solid Slab Track GmbH (SST) joint enterprise is responsible for development, perfection and marketing of this superstructure system.

“System NBU” can be used in

  • ground constructions/earthworks
  • bridges and tunnels (also in trough structures)

with no restrictions for main-line railways and local railway systems.

The design configuration of the overall system permits unrestricted use up to a speed of 300 km/h.

Slab track system NBU