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The benefits at a glance:

  • Large vertical deflection with small horizontal deflection
  • Significant damping with regard to shock and vibration
  • Wear reduction
  • Simple installation
  • Zero-maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Simple rail change
  • All materials are 100% recyclable


The all-rounder.
DELTA fastener.

The DELTA fastener is an innovative rail fastener. A deflection value of between 2 mm and 8 mm can be achieved by adjusting the design of the elastomer sections and consoles. Despite the high deflection, the horizontal rail top deflection is low (< 2 mm). Its construction complies with all criteria, such as push-through resistance or electrical insulation. The DELTA fastener can be designed for all local and long distance transport and is yet another solution for shock and vibration prevention.

The individual components of the DELTA fastener are designed to fit into the W-type mounting used as standard in Germany, which makes it ideal for retrofitting ballast track beds. The spring elements are located in the rail’s fishing surface. The consoles are the load-bearing elements through which the loads are transferred into the foundation. If steel base plates are used the fastener can also be used on wooden sleepers for “stationary-type tracks”. The low rigidity reduces the amount of wear on the top of the rail. This translates into a longer service life than conventional superstructure systems can offer.

The flexible use of the base plates means that the DELTA fastener can be installed on ballast beds with concrete or wooden sleepers and also on concrete load-bearing plates.