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The benefits at a glance:

  • Deflection of up a
    max. 1.5 mm
  • Prevention of horizontal deflection and shift of the top of the rail
  • Prevention of dynamic gauge widening
  • Low wear on the rails and joints
  • Protection from vibrations and shocks
  • Low noise
  • Best possible electrical insulation values due to its plastic construction
  • High ride comfort levels


Flexible at every point.
TK 07 and Flexpoint.

With Flexpoint the rails have discontinuous elastic bedding. The deflection at the support points is defined in the same way as the rail sag in the gaps between the support points. The system transfers its elastic properties to an elastomer cushion integrated in the support point, whose spring properties can be adjusted to suit the actual requirements of the application. This means that it meets the primary basic requirement for a fixed track. The support points, the rail base and the rail chambers are encased with plastic elements. This means that the system is fully electrically insulated.

The TK 07 is a support point which has been specially designed for the Flexpoint system. It is made of 100% plastic and is licensed for use on metro and urban railways with axle loads of up to 135 kN. The deflection is between 1 and 1.5 mm. The support point is available in two versions. With the TK 07 the system is not adjustable, whereas if the TK 07-R is used, the horizontal position can be changed retrospectively using wedges. The system is height-adjustable and has a special support plate for use on in-situ concrete constructions – even those with a low thickness.