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The benefits at a glance:

  • Vertical deflection of
    up to 10 mm
  • Horizontal top deflection less than 2 mm
  • Wear-reducing effect of
    the rail due to the high elasticity
  • Complete system insulation against stray currents
  • Flexible uses for both open and closed constructions
  • All materials are 100% recyclable


Smooth as silk.
Whisper rail.

The innovative Whisper rail, a continuously elastic bedded system, provides rail deflection of up to 10 mm. This high level of elasticity ensures vibration damping of up to 90% in the critical frequency ranges. That in turn means particularly good protection from shocks and structureborne noise.

The Whisper rail consists of a flat-bottomed rail surrounded by elastomers. The encasing sections, which make the boundary zone between the bedding and the road covering, are rigid allowing the rail to move inside the construction.

The Whisper rail is available in two versions – one for open and the other for closed cross-sections. The rail top versions are suitable for open constructions or for track encased in vegetation. For closed road crosssections the Whisper rail takes the form of grooved rail with the top end of the casing section forming the groove. Another system which is often used is the Whisper rail on Rheda City which is also available as a complete system.