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Fixed Slab track NFF General Page: 131-02 The NFF consists of the rails, the rail fastening of longitudinal support unit (e.g. rail fastening system Krupp ECF), cross fall and the deep foundation consisting of drilling or micro-piles. The LTE is stored as a two-span beam on the cross bar which in turn supports the piles. Fig. 2: NFF longitudinal support unit in track curves with the chamber Diameter, length, number and inclination of the pickets can be adjusted to the ground conditions, the reduction requirements and the rail characteristics. The inclination of the pickets in the ground can absorb both vertical and horizontal forces. The cross bar is advisable on the pickets. The cross bar in turn serves as a support for LTE. LTE and cross bar consists of precast concrete element, which are produced under optimal conditions and can be delivered with consistent quality. Only the connection of the cross bar with the pickets is on the installation site. Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10