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Fixed Slab track NBU Introduction Page: 132-01 The slab track "system NBU" is a sleeper free and so monolithic design with individual support on a concrete base (BTS). The "System NBU“ is for application area • Ground construction • Bridges and tunnel (also in trough structures) applicable without restrictions to gauge railways and mass transit systems In 2008, the road network of DB AG (route 2600 - Aachen - German border with Belgium), a trial track was successfully tested and approved for continuous operation. The railway track construction consisting of the rails, rail fastening system, the concrete base (BTS) "system NBU" and the hydraulically bound base (HGT) is defined in its deflection and damping state. It requires a low-deformation support on ground construction, on bridges and in tunnels. The parameters are defined in rule for bridges and in tunnel. Introduction System cross-sectional slab track "System NBU" Longitudinal groove Rail 60E2 Rail fastening Gravel fusible joint tape Asphalt Covering Fig. 1: Cross-section "system NBU" The structural design of the overall system allows unrestricted use up to speeds of 300 km/h. Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10