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Railway track systems Variant Vossloh System 14 / E 21 highly elastic for concrete sleepers Page: 119-04 System E 14 for concrete sleepers Railway track E 14 with rail clamps Skl 14 is a highly elastic rail fastening system for concrete sleepers in gravel tracks. When upgrading from W 14 to E 14, the sleeper in gravel bed remain stuffed. Features: • • • • fully compatible to railway track W 14 Improved travelling comfort improved modulus of grade reaction lower gravel erosion It is achieved with the large elastic intermediate plate with surface pressure distribution plate, similar to the system 300 for slab track, large deflection of the rails. The Skl 14 is also fatigue endurable in these high vertical dynamic rail movements. All fastening parts can be captively installed in sleeper factory on the sleeper. Hence mechanised and fully automatic installation in the track is possible. A possible efficient increase of drive comfort on gravel tracks, equipped with standard railway track W 14, and/or a reduction which takes place under heavy loads gravel destruction can be achieved with compatible rail fastening system E 14. Gravel tracks often have insufficient deflection values when used in high-speed traffic on new tracks. With EVA intermediate layers, the maximum of 0.2 mm compressed under rolling wheel, achieved together with the gravel elasticity of about 0.6 mm on new tracks of the highest values of 0.8 mm. Even the use of so-called "soft" intermediate layers with static spring digits of c = 50 - 70 kN/mm brings an improvement of about 1.0 mm of rail depression. installed pre-installed 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Pos. 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 Number/Support point Intermediate level Base plate Intermediate level Plastic dowel Angular guide plate Rail clamps Sleeper screws with track Rail Designation Zwp E 14 Grp E 14 Zw E 14 Sdü 25 Wfp E 14 Skl 14 / Skl 21 Ss 36-220 with Uls 7 60E2 Brief description Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10