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Railway track systems Variant Vossloh System KS for rib based plates Page: 119-08 System KS with rail flange Skl 12 for rib based plates The rail flange Skl 12 was designed for rail fastening on rib based plates with "hard" intermediate layers (c ≥ 200 kN/m). The rail flange Skl 24 is available as an alternate. All fastening parts can be captively installed in sleeper factory on the sleeper. Hence mechanised and fully automatic installation in the track is possible. With the two free spring arms of the rail flange, a permanently non positively braced rail with approx. 13 kN clamping force is achieved with approx. 14.5 mm deflection per rail flange, whereby the fastening do not require any maintenance. The tilting movement of the rail is executed by the intermediate loop of the rail flange. A temperature stress equalisation of the rails is made easier by only loosening the screws. Any necessary rail requirement can be done easily, in which the rail flange while installation is pushed back. Installation instructions 1. Loosen hexagonal nut of the screw-hook (approx. 1-2 revolutions) 2. Bring rail flange in installation position (Spring arms must rest on the rail foot) 3. The installation position is achieved when the interediate loop of the rail flange touches by tightening the screw of the rail foot, or an air gap is up to 2 mm (tightening torque 180-250 Nm). installed pre-installed 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Pos. 1 2 2 2 2 1 4 4 1 Number/Support point Intermediate level Rail clamps Washer Hexagonal nut Hook screws Ribbed base plate Spring lock washer Sleeper screws Rail Designation Zw 687 Skl 12 Uls 6 DB M22 Hs 32-55 Rph 6 Fe 6 Ss 8-150 60E2 Zw 687 Skl 12 Uls 6 DB M22 Hs 32-55 Rph 1 Fe 6 Ss 8-150 49E5 / 54E4 Brief description Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10