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Railway track systems Variant Vossloh System W-Tram - with Wedge angle plates Page: 119-09 Rail fastening system W-Tram with wedge angular guide lates K-Wfp 14 R and L With the wedge angular guide plates with a continuous adjustment, the limited rail foot tolerance related to manufacturing process, above all balanced in grooved rails, and so the track width can be regulated upto +/-10 mm. In the slab track, the use of insulated anchor bolts is possible, alternatively the proven anchor screw combination Sdü 26/Ss 36. The lateral forces of the rail is carried on the angular guide plate and the base plate in the concrete support plate. Does not have the bending or shear forces on the embedded anchorage system. High power dissipation by the profiled bottom of the base plate. The sleeper screw / anchor bolts is only subjected to train. Completely electrically insulated. For laying the rail grooves on concrete sleepers, the system W is used, for slab track the system WTram is used. Application examples W-Tram on slab track W made of concrete sleepers installed pre-installed Slab track Concretesleeper 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Pos. 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 Number/Support point Intermediate level Plastic dowel Base plate Angular guide plate Rail clamps Sleeper screws with track Grooved rail Designation Zw 900/180 Sdü 26 Upl 180/120 K-Wfp 14 Skl 14 Ss 36 + Uls7 Zw 900/180 Sdü 25 K-Wfp 14 Skl 14 Ss 35 + Uls7 W-Tram W-Sleeper Brief description Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10