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Track materials Ironmongery and accessories Rib based plates for guide rails Page: 232-02 Guide rails, grooved width 180 mm, are used on bridges with more than 50 meters in length. They should keep derailed vehicles as close to the track, so that they can not parallel on bridge piers. Before and after the bridge, gripping device is installed. Here the splice rails converge towards the track axis in such a way, so that the wheels of incoming derailed vehicles driven into the groove. Used ribbed plates Name Rph 11 Ü Rph 12 Ü Rph 13 Ü Rph 14 Ü manufactured from Rph 1 / Rpo 5 Rph 1-210 / Rpo 5 Rph 6 / Rph 6 Rph 6-210 / Rph 6 - 160 Width of rail foot 54E4 54E4 60E2 60E2 Weight kg / piece 15.373 17.843 15.268 17.859 Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10