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Track materials Rails European standards DIN EN 13674-1:2008-01 Page: 211-02 The European standard DIN EN 13674-1 existing since year 2003. The following changes to the basic standard UIC-Kodex 860 V have been made: a. b. c. d. e. f. Rail designations from e.g. UIC 60 in 60E1. Rail designations "Vignol rails" instead "flange rail“. Rails affiliated only from 46 kg/m. All types of steel designations have been changed, wherein serves as a scale basis no longer the tensile strength, but the minimum hardness of the runway. The steel grade R0550 (1.0422) is removed. In a slightly different chemical composition steel grade was maintained: f.1. 700 (1.0521) - replaced by the grade R200 f.2. 900A (1.0623) - replaced by the grade R260 f.3. 900B (1.0624) - replaced by R260Mn (variant of the grade R260 with lower C-content higher Mn-content) f.4. 1100 (1.0915) - replaced by grade R320Cr f.5. 1200 (1.0631) - replaced by R350HT Additionally the steel grades affiliated were R220 (tensile strength 770 MPa) and R350LHT Determining the mechanical properties and identification of heat treated rails. Qualification tests for the manufacturer's approval were determined. Extensive illustrations intended to sampling and testing, on rail profiles and gauges. g. h. i. k. The document DIN EN 13674-1:2008-01 was designed by a technical committee CEN/TC256 "Railway track engineering products" and supports requirements of EU directives. According to the national standards bodies, the decisions are kept to implement this European standard. The European standard DI EN 13674 covers for railway applications - railway track - rails the following parts: Part 1: Vignol rails from 46 kg/m Part 2: Rails for turnouts and crossings, which are used in connection with vignol rails from 46 kg/m Part 3: Check rails Part 4: Vignol rails with a linear mass between 27 kg/m and under 46 kg/m Parts 2, 3 and 4 have validity since August 2006. The Standard for grooved rails and associated construction section (DIN EN 14811) was adopted in October 2006. The DIN EN 13674-1 refers to the European quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and includes amongst others: 1. Qualification test 2. Specification test Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10