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Track materials Rails Bearing marks according to DIN EN 13674-1 Page: 211-07 The European Standard DIN EN 13674-1:2008-01 determines the labelling of rails. The bearing marks are raised on a rail side at a distance of more than 4 m to roll on. The bearing marks must be clearly readable on the rails and have a font size of 20 mm to 25 mm and raised to 0.6 mm to 1.3 mm. The distinguishing bearing marks of the steel grades must have a length of 50 mm for the long labelling line and from 25 mm for the short labelling line. The bearing mark must contain the following information: • • • • Features of a manufacturer steel grades the last digits of the year of manufacture Designation of the rail section Steel grades steel grades R200 R220 R260 R260Mn R320Cr R350HT R350LHT Hardness range HBW 200 to 240 220 to 260 260 to 300 260 to 300 320 to 360 350 to 390 350 to 390 Description Carbon-manganese (C-Mn)-steel Carbon-manganese (C-Mn)-steel Carbon-manganese (C-Mn)-steel Carbon-manganese (C-Mn)-steel alloy steel (1% Cr) Carbon-manganese (C-Mn)-steel thermally annealed Low-alloy steel, thermally annealed Type of bearing marks without bearing marks Example for a bearing mark: In addition to the bearing mark, each rail must be characterised with a numeric and/or alphabetical code, which is on the opposite side of the bearing mark of the base, continuously inculcate at least once every 5 meters. In line with the current version of the standard, the distance of 10 m has been set. Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10