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Track materials Sleepers Pre stressed concrete sleepers Technical data Page: 222-01 Pre-stressed concrete sleepers are being produced since beginning of 50s with continuous technical development. While manufacturing, it is differentiated between immediate and delayed stripping. For receiving the rail fastening plastic plugs are required to be fitted in front of the vibrating of the concrete into the form work. On the surface of pre-stressed concrete sleepers is to be placed clearly visible: • • • • The identifying mark of the manufacturer the last two digits of the year of manufacture the rail foot width in mm the classification mark (e. g. B70) The sleepers are manufactured of a concrete with high compressive strength ßw 28 of 60 N/mm², i.e. a test cube from the production must have setting time after 28 days of this compressive strength For more information on the nature of the concrete: Compressive strength ßwv Bending tensile strength ßB 7 Cement mortar ßw7 Cement grade CEM 42.5 and CEM 52.5 = 45.0 N/mm² = 6.5 N/mm² = 30.0 N/mm² Generic information: As a standard railway structure currently the sleeper B 70 W 60 can be considered. The sleeper sole is thus used to reduce the gravel load, especially in elasticity jumps as well as for increasing the railway track elasticity (e.g. bridges and in tunnel areas) and for impact sound reduction. It is used in DB AG currently with UIG under operational tests. For the slab track with the rail fastening system 300-1, pre-stressed concrete sleepers B 301-W 60 and B 302-W 60 are used. Depending on the manufacturer, names may be different. For the gravel crossing / slab tracks, the sleepers B 303-W60ü are used. Classification: e.g.: Concrete sleeper Categor soled rail 60E2 W-fastening Requirements for producing pre-stressed concrete sleepers 1. Principles of design, construction and approval procedures 2. Technical specifications of concrete sleepers according to DBS 918 143 3. European Standard EN 13230 1-5, Edition 2009 Railway applications, railway track, track and turnout sleepers made of concrete 4. As VDV railway track guidelines apply OR 13.3, Technical specifications for pre-stressed concrete in each valid copy. Edition January 1982 November 2008 valid from 2009 Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10