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Track materials Sleepers Steel beam bridge sleeper Page: 225-01 The SteelBridgeSleeper, developed by ThyssenKrupp GfT Gleistechnik, also known as SBS, is designed for railway bridges with open rail track as an alternative to the traditional wood bridge sleepers. The fatigue test at TU München has been cleared successfully at an elevation of 130 mm, 22.5 t axle load at 3 million load change. In 1999, the steel bridge sleeper was emerging on behalf of DB AG installed on a bridge in Dortmund Wickede for the first time. Up to the current period, the DB AG as well as other transport operators, SBS have been installed in numerous construction projects. The experience gained in the past years, the findings were incorporated into SBS built an established structural standards. The static type meets the requirements of the Directives, thereby eliminates complex individual evidence and the conclusions to be applied for approval by the Federal Railway Authority. Following requirements are met from the steel bridge sleepers: Directive of DB AG 804, 805, 820, 897.02 with DIN EN 50122-1, DBS 918002-2 in connection to DIN EN 10204, DIN 18800, DIN 18800 part 7, DIN FB 101 and 103 DIN 18800 part 7 :2208-11, DIN EN ISO 14555 Technical specialist report of DB Systemtechnik VTZ 115 Functional requirements of DB Systemtechnik etc. Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10