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Track materials Rails Y-Steel Sleeper Page: 221-01 Y-steel sleepers St 98 Y with rail fastening S 15 Special advantages of Y-railway track • • • • • • • Highly economical due to the comparatively low gravel requirement and the low transport weight. Due to the frame stiffness of the system and the high track resistance, the tracks are also at very small radii welded gaps. Long life. Excellent recycling properties. Lower maintenance costs due to long intervals in the elaboration. Applicable for all common rail sections and rail inclinations. Due to the versatile design possibilities of the material steel, an optimum adjustment of the construction of Y-shaped steel sleeper on the individual parameter of infrastructural manager is relatively easy to implement. The used rail support point S 15 ensures the complete electrical insulation of the rail against the sleeper on the Y-shaped steel sleeper. • Fields of application General gravel railway track: Especially here the major advantages in the field of machine track reconstruction should be mentioned. Special sleepers with ra fastening Typ A 8 on asphalt bases with anchor slot. Supplement the sleeper construction to hold a cograil, which is welded in any position on the sleeper, can be pinned or screwed. By adjusting the rail clamping grids with the cograil lengths follows a further optimisation of railway tracks. By welding technique facility, all types are feasible. Similar track coverings can be realised on the Y-steel sleeper rail. Furthermore, the installations of LST-systems are unproblematic. These special solutions on Y-steel sleepers are standard designs of DB AG (180 mm groove width, one and two sided). Deviating from other groove widths already been realized. Due to the low height of the sleeper proves that Y-steel sleeper rail currently the reorganisation measures in old stock to be very beneficial. In individual cases a design as a slab track with an overall height of only 440 mm (SO to OK tunnel floor, rail 49E5) is possible. High-speed railway tracks Cogwheel tracks Multi and broad gauge track Railroad crossing Tracks with safety guard and guiding device Tunnel run Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10