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Content General Railway Track terms Railway Track abbreviations Page: 000-26 Railway track-Abbreviations ABS ATD ATS Az Obv B BN BTD BTS BZA CEN DB AG DIN DKW Dann DS EBA EBO Ei EN EW Fe FF Fl Fsch FSS Fz Grp Gz H HGT HGV Hs ISO Kp KS Ksp LfB LIS MFS N NBS Obv Ri Ril Upgrade of existing line Asphalt-base course with directly stored sleepers Asphalt-base course Appendix additional provision for railway track specifications Concrete sleeper Railway standard Concrete-base course with directly stored sleepers Concrete base course Central Office of the German Federal Railways of the former German Federal Railways European Committee for Standardisation German National Railway Company German Institute for Standardisation Double-slip diamond crossing Double clamping nail Leaflet German federal railway organisation Railway engineering- and work rules Insulating insert (in turnouts: Arch support - Ei = Anti-creep device) Eurocode Standard turnout Spring lock washer Slab tracks Fish plates Flexible rail switch-turnout Anti-freeze layer Flexible switch-turnout Base plate Pivoted heel-turnout Wood sleeper Hydraulically bound base course High speed traffic Hook screws International organisation for standardisation Clamping plate Crane rail Clamping track plate Country representative for rail road supervision Light industrial sleeper Mass-Spring-System Newton (Measuring unit according to English natural scientist) New upgrade of existing line Railway track specification for standard gauge railway Grooved rail Directive with modules Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10