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Turnouts and Crossings Turnouts General Turnouts description Page: 300-04 Right orientated execution as marked Left orientated execution after reflection Components 1. Tongue area 2. Intermediate rail area 3. Centrepiece area 4. Simple centrepiece 5. Double centrepiece Single components 1.1. straight stock rail 1.2. bent stock rail 1.3. bent tongue 1.4. straight tongue 2.1. and 2.3. straight intermediate rails 2.2. and 2.4. bent intermediate rails 3.1. straight handlebar - running rail 3.2. straight handlebar - running rail 3.3. straight handlebar 3.4. bent handlebar 4.1. Wing rail 4.3. Centrepiece tip 5.1. Knee rail 5.2. Centrepiece tips 5.3. Check rails ZB right HB right EH right DH Ba Rl (Right turnout, left stock rail) Ba Rr (Right turnout, right stock rail) Zu Rl Zu Rr Rl Rl Rl Rr Rl Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10