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Turnouts and Crossings Turnouts Types of turnouts Split locking Page: 312-01 a = Gauge line distance 1. EW Easy turnout Right b = Split locking 2. IBW Similar flexure turnout Right 3. ABW Contrary flexure turnout Right 4. Sym. ABW Symmetrical Contrary flexure turnout 5. DW Double turnout right / left 6. EDW Single side Double turnout right 7. Kr Crossing 8. EKW Simple diamond crossing 9. DKW Double diamond crossing 10. Double lane turnouts Right 10.1 Double track in both the conductors (right) 10.2 Double track in both the conductors (left) 10.3 Double track in straight strand (right) Comment: The reflection apply for the turnouts left picture 1, 2, 3, 6 and 10 and left/right picture 5. Flexure turnout picture 2 and 3 are made of basic shape of picture 1 by bending. In crossings picture 7, the handlebars are omitted in a crossing angle > 1:4.44 (14.089312 ). Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10